MDA Programs

MDA Certification Program

The Minority and Small Business Development Division administers  the state’s certification program which identifies minority and women owned businesses and seeks to increase opportunities for them by providing advocacy, assistance,  and access to resources and training.

Model Contractor Development Program

The Model Contractor Development Program is a 9 week program designed to teach new and emerging contractors good business practices that will build capacity, improve competitiveness and increase bonding ability.

MDA Loan Programs

The Minority Business Loan Program provides business loans to qualified minority and women owned companies. These loans are administered by the Planning and Development Districts.

The Capital Access Contract Loan Program provides project financing for qualified borrowers that hold contacts or subcontracts on public projects.  These loans are administered by MinCap.

Minority Surety Bond Guaranty Program

The Minority Surety Bond Guaranty Programs assists eligible minority and women owned businesses with establishing a bond line and acquiring bonds from a Surety Company in order to carry out public projects or private projects with public incentives.